Parson’s Tunnel to Teignmouth Resilience Project 2020

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Closes 1 Mar 2020


1. Do you agree that the railway between Parsons Tunnel and Teignmouth needs to be more resilient?
2. Do you agree with Network Rail’s plans to improve resilience of the railway between Parsons Tunnel and Teignmouth?
3. Do you support the creation of new coastal paths and amenities as part of the overall proposals to increase railway resilience?
4. How frequently do you visit the coastal path and Holcombe/Teignmouth beaches?
5. What is your primary reason for visiting the coastal path and Holcombe beach?
6. Do you travel by train over this section of the railway?
7. Do you have any further comments on the proposals?
8. Please provide your postcode so we know which part of the country respondents are from