Huddersfield to Westtown (Dewsbury) Phase 2

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Closes 10 Apr 2020


Network Rail will consider all feedback and confirm your personal data is not required unless you are content for Network Rail to be able to identify you as the source and the location of the feedback provided.

Any feedback provided will be collected and held solely by Network Rail in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations. It will be used by Network Rail solely for purposes and duration in connection with the development of the design and securing any consent application, including publication of the final consultation report.

1. Which location for Deighton station do you prefer?
2. Where Huddersfield Viaduct passes over John William Street, is your preference:
3. What is your preference for the new railway crossing at Colne Bridge Road:
4. Do you have any comments regarding our proposals to move Ravensthorpe station approximately 300 metres to the west?