Ely Area Capacity Enhancement Scheme Phase 2 (Part 2)

Closed 28 Nov 2021

Opened 18 Oct 2021


The Ely area capacity enhancement (EACE) programme proposes to upgrade the railway to allow more trains to run through Ely.

Earlier this year, we consulted on the options for upgrading the railway in the Ely South area, the results of which will be presented in 2022.  We are now consulting on the options for the wider Ely area.

The public consultation is running from 18 October to 28 November 2021.

Please visit www.networkrail.co.uk/Elyto find out more about the EACE programme and the consultation. 

Our plans

In this round of consultation, we are inviting comments on:

  • Proposals to remodelling the track at Ely North Junction,
  • Proposals for changes to the Queen Adelaide level crossings, and associated road options 
  • Upgrading or closing other level crossings across the wider Ely area.


The aim of the EACE programme is to improve connectivity for passengers by providing an uplift in services to key destinations. Demand for rail freight is also growing and increasing capacity through Ely will support a shift from road to rail thereby providing a faster, greener ,safer and more efficient way of transporting goods across the country; helping to remove lorries from roads and reduce congestion.


  • Residents
  • Landowners
  • Local Businesses
  • Local Councillors
  • Planning Officers
  • Passenger Groups
  • Commuters
  • Other Interested Parties


  • Road
  • Rail
  • Cycling
  • Walking / Rambling
  • Improving communities
  • Supporting growth
  • Environment