Cambridge South: a new station in the south of Cambridge

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Closes 2 Mar 2020


Network Rail will consider all feedback and confirm your personal data is not required unless you are content for Network Rail to be able to identify you as the source and the location of the feedback provided.

Any feedback provided will be collected and held solely by Network Rail inaccordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations. It will be used by Network Rail solely for purposes and duration in connection with the development of the design and securing any consent application, including publication of the final consultation report, as may be required, .

1. Name?
2. Post Code?(to identify concerns/opportunities by location)
3. Do you support a new station in the south of Cambridge?
4. Which of the three options for the station location do you prefer?
5. Why do you prefer this location?
6. What do you think about the access proposals for your preferred location?
7. Do you have any further comments on the proposal?